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           The Surrender Prayer  (Code: LTSP)                Will change your life. Nuff said.

                            The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis)                    In one of his lesser-known works in his classic allegorical style, C.S. Lewis catches a bus to the afterlife. Blending theology, psychology, and, of course, humour, Lewis poses a radical rethinking of how we understand the Christian heaven and hell.

  Mary Undoer of Knots Statue Resin 17cm  (Code: 66200)                                                      She has literally worked miracles in my life. Pray to her in the most impossible situations where there is no clear way through, & no good possible outcome. She will undo the knots that strangle you.   (Novenas also available.)

                           The Temperament God Gave You                                   (Art & Laraine Bennett).                         I love books that teach us something about ourselves, and this book is a great introduction to the ancient theory of temperaments. Whether you're Choleric (strong-willed, determined and anger-prone), Melancholic (idealistic, reflective, and prone to sorrow), Sanguine (lively, fun-loving and scatterbrained) or Phlegmatic (peace-loving, sensible, and stubborn), or some combination of the above, you'll learn about the saints who share your nature, and learn to deepen your prayer life in ways that suit your own unique traits.

                       Cream Lace Mantilla, Triangle or                               Rectangle (Code: L9801)                            So pretty, and so feminine! The softest mantillas we sell.

                     Spiced Maple and Citrus Candle                  Strong, sweet scent like maple syrup - I can't help stopping to smell this one when I go past the candle shelf!